Applications in Space

Space & Magravs

Conventional science teaches us that what we can't measure does not exist. This led to a separation between science and spirituality.

Magnetical-gravitational (Magravs) plasma technology combines science and spirituality since everything is made of Magravs plasma. We can't measure thoughts or emotions, but they exist as Magravs plasma. Magravs plasma IS conscious – one could also say that it is Consciousness.

From the smallest particles to the largest structures of a planet, including the planet itself, everything is made of Magravs plasma. Furthermore, contrary to the teachings of traditional science, space is not empty. Rather, space is also full of Magravs plasma. In other words, Magravs plasma is ambient, universally.

Magravs plasma takes the form of a fluctuating torus, with Magravs fields entering the torus at its south pole and exiting at its north pole. The fields are weaker (lower velocity) at the extremities and stronger (higher velocity) at the centre of the torus. Due to this differential, Magravs plasma fields are constantly attracting and repelling one another.

It is for this very reason that exo-planets in our solar system, such as Neptune, move significantly slower in their orbit around our Sun as compared to endo-planets like Mercury.

Every single Magravs plasma is also  unique in its combination of magnetical (Dark Energy) and gravitational forces (Dark Matter), where repelling fields behave like two magnets with the same pole and attracting fields with two opposite poles.

Dark Matter, the gravitational part of Magravs plasma is the cause of entropy. Dark Energy, the magnetical part of Magravs plasma is the cause of order and life. Because ALL Magravs plasma contain magnetical fields, all of creation is living and conscious. Matter is simply Magravs plasma with a weaker magnetical field strength and stronger gravitational force.

Likewise, it is through this mechanism of attraction and repulsion that space travel is made possible. Positioning a spaceship in space occurs by by amplifying the magnetical (repelling, giving) force or the gravitational (attracting, taking) force in relation to the destination's Magravs fingerprint.

To move to a destination, the spaceship merely has to tune Herself to that location's gravitational signature, and space travel can occur at superluminal, and even hyperluminal speeds. The speed of light is but a limitation of current knowledge.

In order to slow down during descent into a planet, the spaceship tunes Herself reciprocally to the planet's magnetical signature. Rockets and fuel are history.

Magravs plasma is useful not only for positioning a spaceship in space, but also in many other ways.

Spaceship Configuration

Just as we require Earth suits to live on this planet, we would require ships for travel in outer space.

However, these space-ships must be dynamic and conscious in nature. In other words, the spaceship must be easily re-configurable and adaptable to meet different challenges and scenarios in various parts of space. Therefore, constructing a spaceship out of materials as we would say a car or boat or aeroplane just does not cut it.

The spaceship must be created out of Magravs plasma. Since it is naturally conscious, Magravs plasma can be concentrated and configured by thought, according to the requirements of space travel.

Being dynamic, the spaceship would be able to grow to accommodate more within Herself, or shrink to navigate difficult areas of space. Crew living spaces would be dynamically re-configurable and never boring.

During space travel, the spaceship would replicate the Earth's gravity field via Magravs plasma in order to protect the crew and for the crew to be able to function as they would on Earth.

Protection Technology

Space is full of different forms of matter and Magravs fields in varying states and intensities in different environments.  During space travel, the Magravs field boundary around the edge of the spaceship must prevent these external physicalities and fields from crossing into the interior of the spaceship for the crew's safety and well-being.

The same Magravs field boundary layer could also be tuned such that it would also allow the spaceship through the protective layers of Earth's or other celestial bodies' Magravs fields. The same principle of tuning the Magravs field boundary layer would be required during space travel.

Energy, Conversion & Re-conversion

The same power source that configures the spaceship and positions Her in space also has to provide the energy requirements of the spaceship Herself and Her crew.

In the same way that Magravs plasma is used to configure the spaceship, Magravs plasma can also be used to create material. Be it a cup of coffee, a new pair of pants, a spacesuit or another smaller spaceship for planetary exploration, material can be created at the point of need, all thought altering the Magravs fields of plasma.

Large hangar decks in the Mothership housing many smaller scout ships are totally unnecessary.

Likewise, once an item is used and no longer needed, it can be re-converted back to Magravs plasma. In this way, space travellers no longer have to worry about clutter, waste storage and pollution. Recycling at its finest as Nature does it.

Furthermore, various cosmic rays and gravitational fields of different magnetical strengths would be encountered during space travel. Through Magravs plasma technology, these rays can be converted and used according to the needs of the crew and spaceship.

Air, Food, Water & Nutrition

Space travel means being away from Earth for months, years or decades at a time. There is no practical way to bring large stores of oxygen, food and water from home for such long voyages.

Once again, Magravs plasma can be constituted in such a way that vital nutrition would reside in the very air that the crew of the spaceship breathe. Eating and drinking would be reserved purely for pleasure and as a social activity, and food and drink can be constituted out of Magravs plasma as desired.

Medicines & Medical Devices

Just as it would be impractical to bring large stores on-board, it would also be impractical to have various devices and medicines to treat various ailments, some of which would be contracted during space travel and unknown to present medical science.

Rather than to look at different ailments in a manner of differential diagnosis, it is crucial to look at the body as a balanced system, and correct imbalances when they occur.

Through directed Magravs plasma, injuries can be rapidly healed, mental ailments can be quickly cured and sadness can be swiftly lifted - all through the body's, mind's, and emotion's natural modus operandi. Body, mind and emotion take only what they need.

Beyond healing the usual scuffs and bumps, more severe injuries such as loss of limb(s) can also be resolutely addressed. Through directed Magravs plasma, lost limbs can be re-grown and space-travel related genetic defects can be corrected.

Navigation, Control & Mapping Systems

Space travel involves superluminal and hyperluminal speeds approaching that of thought.

As such, current command-and-control systems and interfaces such as buttons, joysticks and the like are woefully inadequate for such speeds of travel.

With conscious Magravs plasma technology, captain-pilot-spaceship interfaces would function purely through thought.

Sensors, which monitor the surroundings and trajectory of the spaceship would also operate at thought-speed. As such, the influx of information and corresponding course-corrections can be effectively initiated without worry of slamming head-on into an asteroid.

The same technology can also be adapted to map celestial bodies such as asteroids, planets and stars.


As with navigation and control systems, it is crucial during space travel to maintain an always-open and zero-latency channel of communication, both between crews on geo-exploratory missions and the Mothership, as well as between the Mothership and Earth-based headquarters.

Such instantaneous channels of communication are natural with Magravs plasma technology. Since Magravs plasma is conscious, universally connected and omnipresent, sensors which interface with human thought can convey communications over vast distances instantaneously.

Capture & Towing Systems

In space, it would be necessary to stand ready to offer emergency assistance to others who may need it.

In the same way that Magravs plasma envelopes a spaceship in a bubble or barrier of plasma energy, the same barrier could be extended out to envelope another object.

Disabled spaceships could be towed to the nearest repair stations for corrective work. If that is not practical, then the disabled spaceship could be captured and brought into the rescuing spaceship for needed repairs and medical assistance for injured crew members.


The quickest way to travel between spaceships, and also between a spaceship and a planet, is via teleportation though a Magravs plasma portal.

Such portals would exist on spaceships and can be used as required.

Portable Magravs plasma portals could also be carried by crew doing geo-exploratory work as an efficient means of moving from one place to another on a planet.