Research & Development

The RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM of the KESHE FOUNDATION SPACESHIP INSTITUTE embodies the essence of the Technology in totality. SPACE EXPLORATION is the core of all of its research and developments. Space Travel without burning any fuel but using Magnetical and Gravitational (Magrav) Fields manipulation through specifically designed Plasma Reactors is the goal of the team. The control and manipulation of Magrav Fields creates conditions and environments in a certain range that can address all the needs of man to travel in space such us a safe, livable and sustainable environment similar to earth conditions while traveling in space in speeds more than the speed of light.

The Team explores the technology and experiments on the following developments.

The Team is composed of world class scientists and engineers collaborating around the world that are learning the Plasma Magrav Technology under the Teaching of the KF Spaceship Institute in Italy and working closely with the founder of the Keshe Foundation, Mehran T. Keshe.


Founded by Iranian Nuclear Engineer M.T. Keshe, Is a nonprofit and non religious organization under the umbrella of KESHE FOUNDATION (KF) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GROUP.  KFPIDI main thrust is to support KF through the following:
a.) Development and application of new scientific plasma technologies that will support the Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Group

Humanity needs to awaken its huge potential by tapping the wide and vast opportunity that PLASMA MAGRAV technology offers. Using Plasma principles, KFPIDI continues to explore various applications that will help advance humanity as well as its trust towards attaining true and lasting peace. Innovations that address Environmental Pollution, Energy Shortage, Water, Health and Food problem takes the front seat.

b.) Conduct validation and testing of submitted Plasma Innovations.

The growing community of Plasma Innovators around the world has increased opportunity to collaborate and share PLASMA knowledge. Innovators can now submit their Innovations to KFPIDI for further development through testing and validation. All successful designs (blueprint) will be shared for everyone to copy, use and further enhance hereby advancing humanity in unprecedented speed.